Thursday, March 25, 2010


I unlocked my apartment door and for some reason I looked inside first.  I didn’t see anything unusual.  I guess I was still spooked about the calls the other day.  After talking to Officer Moses, I decided to go home instead of back to my parent house.  No one out of the ordinary had used the telephone booth after I received the last call so the Officer Moses thought it was just a prank caller.  I hoped so.  I took my clothes off and put on my pajamas.  I would take a shower later.  I just wanted to sit down. 
I turned the television on and let the television watch me as I thought about Jessica and Diego.  Diego was definitely a nice looking man.  I’m sure he was taking care of her financially.  That’s the kind of man he was.  He could definitely afford it.  I wonder how they met? Car dealer! Ha!
Jessica’s heart was fragile.  She had been hurt way too many times.  Now that she knew the risks, her heart would be even more vested.  That’s the way her heart worked.  It didn’t listen to instincts.  It only listened to the conscious that kept whispering in her ear to do it no matter what your instincts say.  Like the devil and the angel in the movies that sit on each shoulder.  The angel tried to sympathize and help you make the right safe decision. Then you had the devil, contradicting everything the angel said and made you see the benefits in taking risks and possibly heartache just for a few moments of short-term pleasure and satisfaction.  
My thoughts were interrupted by a scratching sound and smiled.  Walking over to the window, I opened the curtains to see my friend, fat cat.  This time he had a tag on him.  I looked at the tag- Sammy.  His name was Sammy.  It fit him perfectly.  I opened the window to greet my little friend.
He must have went missing enough times for his owner to put a tag on him.  He lived down the block.  Not too far away.  At least I knew now where he was from.  Fat cat went to the kitchen again in search of milk.  I had left his bowl on the floor and I poured fresh milk in it.  He drank like a kid in a candy store.  I leaned against the counter and laughed.  Maybe I should get a cat of my own.  I had always had pets in my home until my father got sick of them and then I would come home and the cat or dog or hamster would be gone.  I promised after the last cat that disappeared never to get another cat while I was living with my father.  That’s another story.
Maybe it was time to get me one.  A cat was always good company.
Sammy walked from one room to another as if he was scoping the place out.  I hope he didn’t have to go to the bathroom because my place was not a kitty litter.  I followed him around peeking where he peeked.  I felt like a little kid.  He must have liked my bed because he jumped on it, walked around in circles, stretched out his fat legs and plumped down.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I actually laughed hysterically as he looked at me wondering what was so damn funny.  I just hoped he didn’t have fleas but I could tell he was taken care of pretty well.  Thinking it harmless I let him cat nap while I checked my mail. 
An envelope from the District Court was there and I opened it nervously.  I took the envelope to the bed where Sammy was napping and sat down.  The first time since my ra…
I rubbed Sammy as he purred.  Glad you’re here fella, I thought.
I opened the letter and saw the State of North Carolina against Quentin Proctor.  The preliminary hearing was in three weeks.  Great!  I should have been happy that I was going to see that bastard in court and in handcuffs but part of me felt sick to my stomach.  I called my father and told him and he told my mother.  They promised me that they would be there to support me, if not kill him.  I started to call Jessica but decided against it, for now.  Sammy was looking up at me.  He had the cutest face I had ever seen on a cat.  He looked like he was a Persian.  His hair was a silverfish gray.  He was freshly combed and his nails were recently clipped.  Someone really loved him.  I should probably send him home before his parents started looking for him. 
I put my sneakers on not bothering to change my clothes and grabbed my coat and Sammy.  He purred and laid down in my arms as we took our short walk around the corner.  I wish I didn’t have to take him back but I knew I would want him back if I owned him.  I had a feeling I would see him again soon.
I knocked on the door and waited.  No answer.  I knocked again.  I heard footsteps.  An older woman with bright green eyes answered the door.  She had a lively smile.  It was even brighter when she saw Sammy. 
Sammy jumped from my arms and she bent down and picked him up.  I smiled.  Happy reunions.
“Thank you so much.  Sammy likes to explore.  I just put a tag on him this morning.”
“Well he has visited me a couple times.  I wanted to bring him back before you missed him.”
She smiled a warming smile.
“Thank you so much.  My kids are grown and he is my company in between visits.”
“You are welcome.  I’ll be going now.”
”Oh please come in for a moment.  Would you like some tea,” she asked walking towards the back of the house.  For some reason I decided to follow.  There were pictures on the wall of her and a man.  I figured the man was her husband.  Handsome guy.  He looked familiar. 
“My husband passed away two years ago,” she said reading my thoughts.
“Do you like herbal, green, or regular tea?”
“Green tea is fine.”
I sat down at the table.  The kitchen was huge with an island in the front.  I had always liked that feature.  As I looked around, Sammy jumped in my lap.  I rubbed him and he resumed his purring routine.
She brought me over a hot glass of tea and sat down across from me.
“Thank you again for bringing him home,” she said looking down at Sammy.
“He is such a sweet cat,” I praised.
We sat and talked for what seemed an hour.  I got up to leave and she asked me my name.  We had been talking this long and we hadn’t even introduced ourselves. 
I apologized and told her my name.
“Toni.  That fits you.  My name is Regina Moses.”
I looked at her.  I was full of coincidences today.  It couldn’t be.
“Do you have twins?”
Her face lit up.  “Yes I do!  How did you know that?”
I laughed. Well I’ll be damned. 
“I know your son and daughter I believe.”
“Oh wonderful! Sean and Steve are actually on their way!”
As she said it, I heard the front door open.  I whirled around and saw Sean heading my way. Well I’ll be doubled damn.
Sean stopped in her tracks when she saw me.  I suddenly felt conscious standing in her mother’s kitchen in my pajamas.  I had even forgotten that I had them on.  I felt like an idiot.
A smile started forming on Sean’s face as she approached.  I just looked at her.
“What are you doing here?”
I put my head down. “I brought Sammy home.  I had no idea…”
“Wow that tag actually was a good idea,” she said looking around to her mother. 
Her mother clapped her hands.
“It sure was! Where is Steve?”
“He is grabbing the groceries.  Care to stay for dinner Toni,” she asked me.
“Oh I couldn’t. I’m uh…”
Looking down at my slippers. 
“In my pajamas.”
Sean looked down at my slippers and laughed.
“Sammy was that much trouble?”
I blushed. 
“I figured someone was missing him. He has visited me a couple times actually.”
“Good Sammy,” she said patting fat cats head. 
I was really feeling awkward now.  “I’ll go.  Have a nice dinner.”
I moved so fast that I almost knocked Steve down.
“Whoa,” he said stumbling back.
I didn’t even stop to apologize.


  1. Great Post! can't wait to c why u were uncomfortable seeing the twins

  2. I love cats, this is a good story.