Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crime Scene (81)

I went and took a shower to calm my nerves.  I was in the bath dozing off when I heard a knock on the door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone and had no clue that would come over unannounced.  I looked out the peephole and didn’t see anyone.  Maybe it wasn’t my door.  I was about to walk away when the knocking came again.  That was definitely my door.  I looked out the peephole right into the face of a woman.  I didn’t recognize…wait! She was the woman outside that morning in the black car.  I recognized her profile.  She was dark skin, slim, and she wasn’t someone I knew.  She knocked again.  I cracked the door slightly.
“Yes, can I help you?”
She pushed in the door with so much force I stumbled back on the floor.  My robe flew open and I was totally exposed to this stranger.  I quickly grabbed the tie to my robe and tied it closed.  I don’t think she even noticed. She was angry about something but I didn’t even know who the heck she was.
“I’m sorry but who are you,” I said defensively.
“You got a lot of nerve bitch! Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Excuse me,” I said looking at her.  This mad woman was in my house calling me a bitch!
“You don’t remember me?”
“No, I don’t even know you,” I said crossing my arms.
“You don’t remember my voice on the phone?”
Wait. This is who called me that night from the telephone booth?
“Who are you and what do you want,” I said looking at the phone.  I had made sure that my phone was in view at all times now.  I also had my eye on the knife sitting on my kitchen counter.
She charged towards me and grabbed me by the throat.
“I’m going to kill you, you fucking bitch!  You got my brother locked up in jail and now some muthafuckas done raped him!”
I tried to grab her hands around my throat but she flung me to the ground and jumped on top of me as I reached for the vase sitting on the floor. I was not going to let another person hurt me in my own damn home.  I punched her in her face and she winced back.  I hadn’t hit her hard but enough for her to take her hands from around my throat.  I scrambled from up under her and reached for the knife on my counter just in time to duck before she hit me with my own umbrella! I put the knife in her face and she must have seen I was prepared to use it. 
“You are going to pay for what you did to my brother you little cunt bitch!”
She lunged at me again and we both fell to the floor.  I dropped the knife and she went to grab it.  I kicked her in her ribs as hard as I could and I ran over to grab my cell phone. 911 was on speed dial. I hit the talk button and then I heard the operator ask “what is your emergency?”
I couldn’t respond because this mad woman was jumping on my back. We fought back and forth kicking and punching while she screamed at me calling me every name in the sailor handbook.  She was here to kill me. This was not just a warning.
The operator was saying something but I couldn’t understand, then the sister grabbed the phone and hit me across the head with it.  I laid back in pain grabbing my head.  I felt light headed but I knew I had to get up.  The phone was on the floor a few inches from my head, so I kicked her where it counts and grabbed the phone again this time running for the guest room where I kept my gun.  My father had given it to me after my rape.  I had put it there so it would be close but not too close like in my own bedroom.  I grabbed it, slamming the door behind me.  The police called back and asked me if I was okay.
“No I’m not okay! A woman is trying to kill me.”
They had my address and the police were on their way.
I could hear her screaming and I heard things being thrown around.  She was trashing my home.  She had lost it.  I opened the door slightly to see where she was.  She had to have been in the kitchen because that was the only room in the house not visible.  She was probably looking for a butcher knife to kill me with.  Then I saw her.  She was running towards the door that I was behind.  I cocked the gun. Closing the door, I barely locked it before she started stabbing the door violently with my best butcher knife! 
She yelled, “You are going to pay! You are going to pay!”
“What about what your brother did to me dammit? What about that?”
I was pissed now.  She was here to kill me but what about her sick ass brother?
I had enough.  I opened the door and pointed the gun in her face.
“You better get out of here before I kill you like I should have killed your brother!”
She didn’t hear me because she came at me as if I had a teddy bear in my hand and I fired with no hesitation. She flung back against the hallway and fell to the floor.  I had purposely pointed the gun down.  She was shot in her leg.  I hadn’t wanted to kill her but I would if I had to.  The police came rushing in the door with their guns up.  I put my arms up and dropped the gun.  I saw Officer Moses first and then Anthony.  Right after that I saw Sean.  I ran to her and let her hold me tight.  I didn’t want to move.  I wanted to stay where I was. Safe and in her arms where I wanted to be that moment.  She walked me into the kitchen while they lifted the psycho on the rollaway. As she went by I had to look at her.  She looked at me and yelled, “bitch!” once again.  I turned away.
Officer Moses came to talk to me but I was shaking.  I was mad! I was more than mad! I was livid.  I ran out into the hallway and stopped the ambulance officers.
I looked at her and told her what I should have said to her brother the last time I saw him.
“You will not get away with this.  I promise.”
They took her away and she looked at me as if a light bulb had turned on in her twisted mind.  They were going to take her to the hospital first before taking her to the women’s ward of the same jail her brother was in.  Maybe they would have a  reunion. 
Sean cared for my wounds.  I wouldn’t let them take me to the hospital. My lip was busted.  I had a few cuts and bruises but I was okay.
“You really gave it to her, didn’t you,” Officer Moses said trying not to smile. 
“I did what I had to do.”
“I’m assuming that gun is registered?”
“Yes it is,” I said smiling at him.  “Of course it is.”
Sean still had her arm around me as I told them everything that happened.  They put a car on the house just in case but I doubted anything else would happen tonight.  How many
more family members were waiting to kill me?
We were going to court in three more weeks.  I hoped I would make it there.  Officer Moses and Anthony were the last ones to leave.  My home was a crime scene yet again. 


  1. I am hooked, send me more!!! LOL Valencia

  2. Wow! u story is amazing, I was on the edge of my seat. I'm glad u pulled thru.